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Business Executive Suites

Business Executive Suites reception and training room
Business Executive Suites innovative decor

This started as an off shoot of OBVA

My dilemma was now that OBVA had stopped, there was no use of owning a Serviced Office and worse still I did not like the business model of Serviced Offices. The issue I saw was that they were good for start up operations of 1 or 2 people but once they grew of any size they would have to leave and go into their own office space. My goal was to stop them from doing just that.

The traditional serviced office had the philosophy which was fierce on surcharging, making large margins on phone calls and services and they charged extra for anything and everything. This got the tenant upset and of course they left for their own space as they grew. This means that you are constantly finding new clients.

BES's objective was to keep tenants for the longer term. It did not offer month to month tenancies like serviced offices but allowed 6 month or 12-month Licences. It also allowed tenants to grow into bigger offices at any time. The service charges were probably cheaper than if they had their own office. Also, included were all the facilities such as meeting rooms, training room, and staff break out areas; all of which were very elaborate. This was the reason BES was called a sharing arrangement. 

BES philosophy was called a Business Support Centre and many of our companies stayed for many years, and one as long as 19 years. Some of the companies grew from a startup or 1 or 2 people and were still with BES when they had grown to 30 staff over a 2 year period. 

In its peak, BES operated 4 floors in North Sydney, 4 floors in Hunter Street in the Sydney CBD and 1 floor at Westfield Tower Bondi Junction.

Business Executive Suites office for rent
Business Executive Suites Break out area
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