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Results achieved for clients: 
A Telecommunications Company
Telecommunications Company
A Major Cashflow Problem

Business was growing but the creditors were getting nervous due to late payments of accounts. The issue was fixed within a 3 month period, by ensuring that customer invoices were being sent out on time and were up to date. Collection of debitor money was tightened, and communication with creditors established, and payments caught up. The company could once again expand.

New Startup Company
An Industry Strategy Change

The Real Estate Industry was locked into the past and needed to focus more on the needs of the consumer and to start considering and adopting modern marketing techniques. The Industry was using antiquated outbound marketing techniques that only upset customers and could not understand the modern marketing techniques such as Inbound Marketing. The goal was to develop strategies where these techniques could be used in the selling of real estate.  

House Building Company
House Building Company
No Marketing Strategy.

A well established building company with a great story to tell about the quality product they produced at a very reasonable price in an industry where bad stories are common needed an innovative marketing strategy. Lead generation was left to an independent marketing company that controlled all new customers and which builder they were allocated to. A full marketing strategy and business plan were designed and delivered.

Home Finance Company
Home Finance Company
Developed a Sales System backed by a strong database.

This was a company that was offering finance for families wanting to buy a home but were rejected by the banks for a number of reasons. They had a strong following via their website and facebook page, but houses were simply advertised and sold as they came to market. What was achieved was an active database community who bought their home often without the need of taking the property to advertising on the portals. The properties were sold in a much reduced time.

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