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Giving Entrepreneurial Experience of turning Ideas into Successful Businesses

SNAPS - One Hour Photo Shops

Snaps - one hour photo shops

In the early 80's, after a weekend of fun times, your fun photos would be dropped into a chemist shop on Monday morning and then sent off to one of the central photographic laboratories and hopefully, you would receive your photos back by the following weekend.


What a great idea, to be able to drop your film into a minilab in the area on your way to work, come back at morning break and pick up your photos. Even better, the housewife could drop them off, have a cup of coffee with friends, and 1 hour later pick up your photos to share. 

Overseas Business Ventures Australia

Overseas Business Ventures Australia

They say that the best business is doing what you love. I loved business and being in a position to check out other business all around the world and then sell these successful people to come to Australia and establish a business here and to be able to assist them to do that.


What an exciting time with the added benefit of meeting and seeing what successful people had already done in their lives. We developed a marketing programme that was "Australia, the Land of the 21st Century". This was in the mid 80's.

Business Executive Suites

Business Executive Suites

When setting up an office on a floor in a high-rise building, you take part of the floor, but you take so much space other than the actual space you need to work in.  You need Reception Area, Conference Room, Meeting Rooms, Staff Break Out Areas, etc, all which are hardly used. Also, you must have extra space in which to grow. Every other tenant on the floor does the same.


Would it not be better to share many of the things that are hardly used and not always duplicating the service. This we referred to as a Business Support Centre, a sharing arrangement.

Nature's Beef

Nature's Beef

Modern-day consumers wanted to purchase from their butcher or restaurant, a beef product which was produced without the use of antibiotics, growth promotants, hormones or any other harmful products. In 2000, the slogan of "Without growth promotants & hormones" was created.


Even better, you could trace the product back to the farm and animal and also you knew the animals were very well treated and were allowed to graze in open paddocks for their whole life. Most importantly, the eating experience was an exceptional experience, tender, juicy & flavoursome. 

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