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ABOUT - WP Barry Osborne 

W P Barry Osborne
W P (Barry) Osborne BVSc
Managing Director

So often people believe that success in business will come from the IDEA. My long history in business has shown me that ideas are a dime a dozen and many of them just never get off the ground. I believe this occurs due to two fundamental issues, namely:

  • People are searching for that AMAZING IDEA which eludes them because the idea is never quite good enough to ever get started.

  • Only a few people have the talent or capital or sheer determination to turn the idea into a business. The business is their focus NOT so much the IDEA.

During my many years in business, taking up ideas and turning them into businesses in a number of industries, I have found that the IDEA behind each of them, was NOT so much about being a totally new idea. In fact, the innovation process was in adapting an old idea to suit the changing market. Giving customers of the day what they wanted was the critical factor.

Business people have a number of reasons for going into business.​ For me, it was always about Making a Difference. I always wanted To Be The Best and the strange part is I never felt that I competed against anyone else except myself.

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